Company Profile

Stopping in a for a coffee
Dropping off for soccer
Avoiding peak-hour traffic
Picking up the groceries
Heading to a mate's place
Catching up for drinks
Eating out, dining in
Visiting a farmers market
Relaxing on the beach
Participating in team sports
Enjoying solitude
Feeling part of something bigger –
A community.
This is who we are
This is who we serve
This is where we love to work and live.

We are all Villagers
Our story is your story.
No men in suits here. No corporate spiels.
Presentation, precision and pride in what we do
Is not about showing off.
As Villagers we respect the role we play in the community
Guiding people through what is a significant
Life event.
Making the next lifestyle move
To live their dream and love where they live.
Using our market knowledge, real estate experience
Ability to connect with other Villagers
Have fun
Are our key ingredients to contributing
To this wonderful community -
The Villagers.


Call us on 02 4929 5999 or email us at: