Alissa Tindall

Alissa Tindall

Business & Compliance Manager

Alissa is the invisible epicentre of Villager – Kind of like the phantom, comes in - kicks butt, saves the day and disappears in a puff of smoke. Yet somehow, everything is done and where it needs to be.

Alissa hates being in the spotlight. She much prefers the behind the scenes jobs, where she can contribute to how the business functions.  She has Villager life flowing at its absolute best. Everything just feels seamless when Alissa is a part of it.

And what’s best is that she is so calm, collected and organised with it all. I have never seen her get stressed out or lose it. She is so supportive and encouraging and gives you her full attention even when there are a million things going on. Her multi-tasking ability out-draws everyone’s.

A juggler of life. She’s a super-mum, a work wife and somehow she still makes time for all the things in-between. I just feel like saying (Go girl!)

She just has so much gratitude for life and the people who surround her. But there’s one feeling that trumps it all. Big cuddles from her little girls, Grace and Evie.

As told by Courtney and Kerrie