Allyson Little

Allyson Little

Sales Consultant

Have you ever met someone and just immediately love then? That's how I feel when I met Ally. She has an innate ability where even if you’re having a bad day, her warm and bubbly energy will make you forget about your worries.

Ally has a rare combination of confidence and humbleness within her that has helped her carve her own unique path in the real estate industry.  She is so experienced and very well respected in the industry.  If you ever meet someone that knows Ally, the first thing they say is “You’re working with Ally? She’s a beautiful person…”

She is so inspiring - she just loves life and when you’re around that - you love life. She is just the kind of person that just draws you in with her happiness.  It’s so natural - never forced.

She’s interested in everything people have to say.  She listens, she compassionate and dynamic. There was one instance when Ally (out of the goodness of her heart) picked up an elderly client and drove her around all day trying to help her find the right house.  Not because she said she would help, but because she is inseparable from her passion - helping people find homes to live their best life.

As told by Ben, Alissa and Wendy