Kerrie Piefke

Kerrie Piefke

Property Manager

Kerrie is like my co-pilot. She helps me do my job better because she is amazing at her job. That’s how you know you’ve got a keeper.

Her efficiency astounds me every time. Before I can even ask her anything, she’s already telling me the answer. The who, what, when, where and why. With Kerrie, things just happen easily - nothing is ever a problem. 

She works closely with us so that she can get things moving for our clients.  She has such a strong work ethic. Kerrie has a caring, empathetic and strong character. There is also a worldly essence about her and I think that’s what makes her so easy to be around and makes her so good at her job. She can look at things quite objectively without any judgement.  I believe that element of life experience makes even the hardest clients feel comfortable with her. 

Plus, she’s quite talkative and sincere - but above all, she’s really open and transparent with people. I think that’s why people love her.

As told by Courtney and Tom.