Tom Stewart

Tom Stewart

Sales Associate

Tom has a maturity beyond his years, and height beyond the rest of us! 6ft 4 to be exact.

His easy-going and 'put myself out there' attitude makes him such a great person to have out on the field and around the office.

You can ask him to do anything and there are no questions asked. He just takes it and owns it. I can honestly say he makes our jobs easier, knowing that we can rely on him for anything (even moving my car when I forget that I'm in a 2hr parking zone!).

Tom is always willing to learn, and I find he's always looking to streamline processes that speak our true Villager values. His upbeat personality and charisma make him great at our open homes, people are always happy to chat and a joke with him - he is a bit charming I guess! 

But above all - he is hungry - and I don't mean famished (well maybe that too) I mean that he is keen to move on things and always looking at what he can do it improve his own skills. Although he's young, he is not afraid to rub shoulders with the best in the industry - and it won't be long before he's up there with the rest. 

Tom - he's cheeky, but he's going places that boy!

As told by Courtney and Kerrie