Cooks Hill, NSW

City-living and village life collide to offer the best of both worlds in Cooks Hill.  An eclectic mix of modern housing, Victorian terraces and turn of the century timber cottages converge into the cultural epicentre of Newcastle. Darby Street is the heart. Cafe culture, high-end fashion, boutique stores, modern bars, old-world pubs and a foody’s smorgasboard of fine dining and casual restaurants are the lifebood.   

Village life at Cooks Hill:                                                                      

  • Inner-city
  • Cooks Hill Preschool
  • Lowlands Bowling Club
  • Private and public health services
  • Howzat gym
  • Hotel Delany
  • 5 Sawyers
  • Cricketers Arms Hotel
  • Nesbitt Hair & Body
  • Darby Street food, fashion, entertainment
  • Natural Tucker Convenience Store
  • ALDI
  • Community Garden
  • Newcastle City Art Gallery
  • Cooks Hill Gallery