Hamilton, NSW

The most memorable places enjoy a generosity of community spirit and an openness of individuality and authenticity. This often follows with the provision of practical spaces for socialising, eating out, grabbing a coffee, doing business and an opportunity to enjoy our great outdoors.  This mix of business, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, services, shops and venues on Beaumont Street is a prime example.  With rail and road links to Sydney and the Hunter, Hamilton is also a transport hub as well as a shopping, dining and a city focal point.

Village life at Hamilton:

  • City-living
  • Food, fashion and entertainment on Beaumont Street
  • Newcastle Grammar School
  • Hamilton Public School
  • Hamilton South Public School
  • St Francis Xavier’s College
  • Bunson Thai Groceries
  • Hamilton Fruit Market
  • Mayfield Park
  • Stevenson Park
  • Bar, pubs and nightclubs
  • Professional services
  • Public and private health services
  • Gregson Park
  • Richardson Park Reserve
  • Darling Street Oval